Geena Davis: On a mission to change Hollywood.

Geena Davis Institute

To most people, Geena Davis is a beautiful, elegant, talented actress. Few know that she is also a genius (her IQ is in the top 2% worldwide). And fewer still know of the organization she founded in 2007: The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

The Institute works to raise the world’s awareness of the traditional roles played by and assigned to women in media. It is through this awareness that the institute strives to create change in an industry deeply in love with stereotypes.

Statistics shared by the Institute demonstrate that media has a significant influence on the way girls see themselves and future opportunities in relationships, career, workplace, and society.

The Institute’s goal is to encourage media creators and movie makers to create strong roles for women and to remain cognizant of gender equality issues when developing characters and casting roles.

There is power in these seemingly small changes; The power to help young minds see limitless possibilities and to say, ‘I can and I will.’

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