Who Made Geena Forget About George?

Question: Who made Geena Davis forget that George Clooney had auditioned for the part of Geena’s sexy cowboy one-night-stand?

Answer: Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt

This realization came to light years later when George and Geena sat next to each other on a flight. An article at Contactmusic.com reports George confessed his jealousy over Brad winning the Sexy Cowboy role to Geena and she could not even remember that George had auditioned for the part.

Apparently, Geena was so flustered by Brad’s sex-appeal, she not only forgot who else was in the running, but she also kept forgetting her lines during the audition. We understand. Brad has that affect on lots of women (and men). In fact, in the article, Ridley Scott confessed his admiration for Brad’s six-pack abs while he sprayed Evian water on them to keep them looking sweaty. And who can forget those lovely sweaty abs?

We’re quite sure there were many who would have loved to have that job.


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