Quote from a newspaper: It seems like every couple of months we're hit with another rumor that producers are looking to remake Thelma & Louise. That doesn't sit well with Geena Davis. "Leave it the hell alone," Davis told me.

Geena-Davis-says-NO-to-Remake-idea.-277x300According to this recent article on eonline.com, Geena Davis is outspoken about her views on the remake subject. Her opinion is that the movie should be left alone.

We agree. How can you improve on perfection? So many remakes have been successful at one thing…to alienate fans of the original movie. Why not just watch the movie again to refresh one’s memory? Relive the magic instead of taking the risk of causing damage to a good thing.

According to the article, Susan Sarandon is also against the remake idea. That is no surprise.

What do you think about a remake? We asked this ¬†question during interviews for our documentary. Not surprisingly, opinions varied greatly. If you haven’t watched our commentary on the subject, you might enjoy watching the video below:


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