San Antonio Film Festival Group Photo

The San Antonio Film Festival had a lot going on at every moment.

The festival was held at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, a perfect venue for a festival. It’s a beautiful building, with theaters, stages, lots of open space. The day before the screening of Catching Sight, I was invited to appear on San Antonio Living, a morning television show on Channel 4. As a first-time filmmaker, it seems that every day brings a first of some sort. Shelly Miles’ interview marked my first TV appearance.

Once I checked the screening room and the sound levels of my film, I felt free to meet and mingle with other filmmakers. There were panel discussions, talks by industry professionals, meet and greets, etc. Adam Rocha, the founder and director, does a super job of keeping chaos at bay. His team of volunteers were always at the ready to answer questions and keep things running smoothly.

I was peppered with questions at the Q&A after Catching Sight screened. It was very rewarding to have that level of interaction with the audience. Viewers continued to come up to me throughout the evening to share their feelings about the film.

The following week Kurt Gardner, a cultural critic, film reviewer, and blogger, wrote a review of the film for ArtsBeatLA. He praises the direction, editing, photography, and score. He describes the premise of the film as unique, saying it moves quickly and keeps viewers emotionally invested. … a surprisingly multi-layered documentary. Read the Full Review!


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