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It is almost impossible to exaggerate the amount of press, praise, criticism and scholarly attention heaped upon the film “Thelma & Louise” in the 23 years since its release. For example, if you run a search of scholarly publications, you will find that it has been written about in well over a thousand books and...
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It is time for Thelma & Louise! One might ask – how is it possible that, in spite of its Oscar and Oscar nominations, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, two David di Donatello Awards (Italy) for best actress(s), Cesar Award nomination (France), and a host of awards and nominations from Film Critics and Cinematographer Societies,...
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Quote from a newspaper: It seems like every couple of months we're hit with another rumor that producers are looking to remake Thelma & Louise. That doesn't sit well with Geena Davis. "Leave it the hell alone," Davis told me.
According to this recent article on, Geena Davis is outspoken about her views on the remake subject. Her opinion is that the movie should be left alone. We agree. How can you improve on perfection? So many remakes have been successful at one thing…to alienate fans of the original movie. Why not just watch the...
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