Thelma & Louise and the National Film Registry

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It is time for Thelma & Louise!

One might ask – how is it possible that, in spite of its Oscar and Oscar nominations, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, two David di Donatello Awards (Italy) for best actress(s), Cesar Award nomination (France), and a host of awards and nominations from Film Critics and Cinematographer Societies, Directors and Writers Guilds, that still, Thelma & Louise has yet to be honored by being selected by the National Film Preservation Board for inclusion in the National Film Registry?

Congressional mandate to the National Film Presentation Board:
The Librarian/Board will continue to select up to 25 “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant films” each year for the National Film Registry. To be eligible, films must be at least 10 years old, though they need not be feature-length or have had a theatrical release in order to be considered. The legislation’s intent is that the broadest possible range of films be eligible for consideration.

The cultural, historic, and aesthetic significance of Thelma & Louise is self-evident. It is time for Thelma & Louise to assume its rightful place in the National Film Registry.

Nominating Thelma & Louise for the National Film Registry is easy. The link below takes you to the National Film Preservation Board nomination page. Click the blue hypertext in the 4th paragraph which says ‘online nomination form.’ Once there, it needs your email address, the name of the film and the year of release, which was 1991. That’s it. Done.

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