I’m so happy to have found this page.

Thelma & Louise brings back great memories for me. I was in college when it came out. A group of girlfriends and I went to see it as soon as the Time Magazine article came out. I remember being kind of noisy and commenting out-loud in the theater. The usher came and asked us to be quiet. But then, it seemed other groups also were kind of noisy, so he just gave up trying to keep it quiet. We were feeling a tremendous camaraderie.

The film brought up a lot of issues for us. We talked about it for days afterwards, telling everyone we know they HAVE to see this film. We shared our stories of being honked at by truck drivers, and being hit on in bars and being sexually assaulted by friends and strangers. This resulted in lots of tears and feelings of support for one another. It made us feel stronger and more united

I understand why Thelma & Louise has survived all these years. It was a bonding experience, pure and simple.

Colleen J., Massachusetts

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