National Film Registry Inducts Thelma & Louise

Freeze frame of Thelma and Louise going over the cliff.

The National Film Registry – Finally!

Finally, after all these years, “Thelma & Louise” has been inducted into The National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. It is long overdue. I have been promoting this for the past three years… ever since I did some research and learned that, for some inexplicable reason, it had not yet taken its rightful place on the Registry.

To qualify for placement, a film must be at least ten years old and be culturally, historically or aesthetically significant. “Thelma & Louise” more than meets the criteria. I simply can’t imagine why it has taken so long. But, better late than never! Now I can lay to rest my annual blog with information on how to nominate the film for consideration. One more project crossed off the list. Feels so good.

Here’s an article about the honor bestowed on the film as well as 24 others that will be added to the Registry this year.


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