I saw Thelma & Louise in 1991 when I was 24 years old. I remember watching the movie and appreciating the Southern Utah landscape as I lived in Salt Lake City at the time. I’ve seen the movie many times and own it on VHS too. I loved the movie so much that I insisted that my best friend watch it too because it was us; her and I! My huge take-a-way from the movie was the commitment between two people, two best friends who loved each other so much as to support each other until the very end. I was shocked that a Hollywood movie actually ended the way Thelma & Louise ended…by dying. No happy ending…but a realistic UN-Hollywood ending. I LOVED IT! I knew in that moment as they sped towards the cliff and then actually went over together, that I had the same commitment with my bestie, Wendy. I would go over the edge of the cliff with her too because that’s what friends do. Love is Love! I got the chills and tears in my eyes writing this as the memory is so real even 26 years later. God, I LOVE this movie…God said, “you’re welcome!”

John B. in Santa Monica

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